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What is Story-i ASP?

Story-i ASP is a service center for most Apple products, such as iPad, iPod, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, etc. We accept both warranty and out of warranty items.

What can Story-i ASP do for you?

Story-i ASP services include :
  1. Help to claim valid Apple product warranty.
  2. Repair out of warranty Apple products
  3. Upgrade your hardware and software.

Why should you trust Story-i ASP?

Story-i ASP is fully supported by a team of experienced technicians and we are working together with Apple Authorised Service Provider. We aim for our customers satisfaction by providing best service in friendly and professional environment.

Repair Status

You can use this portion of our web site to track the status of service work we're performing on your systems as our technicians perform a diagnosis, as we order parts, as your system is repaired, and as we prepare to return your system to you.

Ticket number

In order to locate information about the status of your repair, we need to know the Ticket number which you can find in the upper right corner of the check-in form you received when you left your system with us.

If you no longer have your check-in form or are unable to find the Service Repair Order number on your paperwork, please call us on the phone so we can help you in person.

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Phone: 021 720 7645
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